Danish breakfast

Danish healthy, fast breakfast of a simple boiled egg, whole grain toast, cheese, and yogurt parfait with granola and fruit

Danish Style Hot Dogs~ Soft buns, smoked dogs, raw onions, fried onions, pickles and Danish remoulade = a classic Danish Hot Dog!

Danish Style Hot Dogs (street food monday)

Hey Monday, stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Because that slightly smokey flavour is just what we’re after, thank you. Sticking it to Mondays is kind of the whole point of every Street Food Monday.

Rye bread from 'The Nordic Diet'

Rye bread

Scandinavian Hash (Biksemad) from Food.com: This is a very traditional Danish dish and one that merchant sailors love to make when they come off night watch and want a quick easy hot meal. It is so simple and very good. Great recipe for re-cycling left over roasts etc. Add some peas or some mushrooms, Any left over veggies. The egg is optional but don't miss out on it

Scandinavian Hash (Biksemad)

"Stegt flæsk" - Fried slices of juicy pork on the bone with tasty Danish potatoes and creamy parsley sauce is one of the Danes favourite everyday dishes and is mostly eaten during the cold and wet winter periods.

Good Danish food guide, Danes are the most pork eating people in the world, who knew? Danish Food Culture - Danish Cuisine and Cooking - Smørrebrød - Copenhagen Portal

Leverpostej! The only way I can eat liver at all.

Danish paté also known as Leverpostej (på rugbrød med rødbede 😊😊😊)