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To create Beach waves!  Mix a teaspoon of salts + a few drops of olive (or jojoba) oil + 1/4 cup H20 in a spritzer bottle and mist on damp hair  Would this work?

No wonder i always loves my wavy hair when at the beach.perfect beach hair :)Epsom Salts to create Wavy Hair – mix a teaspoon of salts + a few drops of olive (or jojoba) oil + cup in a spritzer bottle and mist on damp hair.

love this Green Eye makeup

green eyes---- Great look for green eyes! Try Mary Kay's "emerald green" eye shadow for greeneyes and "peacock blue" for blue!

How cool is this

They told me I could become anything...

Never underestimate the power of makeup. I love this girl her makeup is awesome

so anything weird is limited edition. sports are limited edition. vegetables are limited edition. pink in limited edition.


This is like from Alice in Wonderland. I think the quote is 'Your crazy, mad, completely bonkers. But I let you in on a secret. All the best people are.

aqua  Love these eyes!

wedding eye makeup for green eyes This lends to the debate whether or makeup ideas for blue eyes. Eye Makeup Tips to Brighten Blue In Merrim.

this is me!

Me weird? Bitch, I'm limited edition. Yes I am, Melike, limited edition.

Purple/pink hair  Ooooh I LOVE this ♥

kitten ears and pink hair with Stella McCartney style dress

hello kitty nails!

I got a hello Kitty french today.except my tips are black and only the ring finger is white with the hello kitty design on it


blue eye makeup with fake eyelashes. beautiful- for my halloween costume?