jun tsunoda

Artists play an influential role in this season's styles with the color usage and the shapes and lines. In this abstract painting by Jun Tsunoda, we see like the trendy colors are combined - Peach Echo, Rose Quartz, Limpet Shell and Iced Coffee.

Falling together Aoki tetsuo woodblock print

Creative works by Japanese artist and illustrator Aoki Tetsuo. Check out more illustrations by Aoki Tetsuo available as art prints

rug design inspiration __ Silk Ikat fragment.  Uzbekistan, Central Asia  Early 20th century __ Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles

Silk Ikat fragment Uzbekistan, Central Asia Early century Measurements: x - Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles

Allison Colpoys — The Jacky Winter Group

Allison Colpoys is a freelance book designer, illustrator, and a lover of pattern and typography. Previously she worked at Penguin Books Australia and has won a number of APA design awards, including the Young Designer of the Year award in

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