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This is such a COOL Idea! DIY Sand Art in Jars! Love it! *****for vacation sand! and water. If has water, seal off top with lid and wax!

Le Corbusier, color-blocked sliding doors

Le Corbu: Unité d'habitation: Chambres d'enfants, the extremely narrow-sized children's rooms to be connected by a sliding door


Eucalyptus These chipped and broken wood panels has been left to erode and break away, yet they have been brought back to life with the vibrant paint colour which create a very eye pleasing contrast against each other.


SUNNY DAY - balloons - angle, colors - use translucent ballons. Need the sun

masking tape art

Washi Tape - Art director and graphic designer Koji Iyama has been staging installations across Japan to promote the multifunctional uses of mt-masking tape.


The textile work of Jewish Hungarian, Bauhaus weaver/designer Otti Berger, who was later murdered at Auschwitz

Orange Sleeveless Geometric Print Slim Vest

Diamond Pattern Cotton Tanks - Tanks & Vest Tops - T-shirts & Tanks - Clothing