Cool Mom Picks - 9 of the coolest, easiest no-carve DIY pumpkin decorating ideas that your kids can actually do

Decorazioni Halloween fai da te: la zucca mummia - One of our all-time faovrite no-carve pumpkin ideas: for Halloween: An Easy mummy pumpkin

GHOST TOWN! Bannack, Montana, 1863. . .a crooked sherriff, stagecoach robberies, vigilante justice and hangings galore. . .no wonder everybody left town!   READ OUR BLOG STORY: stargazermercanti...

Ghost Town: Bannack, Montana

Abandoned lodge in a Montana Ghost Town Schoolhouse and Masonic Lodge, built ca. 1874 in the mining ghost town at Bannack State Park, Bannack, Montana

Creepy...I'm sure i could make this for the front porch with chicken wire and gauze and some fake hands from the dollar store!

Halloween Bride -find an old wedding dress at goodwill, tape hand cut outs in it and shine a light through.

I saw this idea years ago, so I did it for our yard. I have one ghost for every person in my family (there are 7 of us) and I even went so far as to have my husband cut each one to the exact height of each family member. So much fun!

Halloween yard decor - circle of dancing ghosts - turn tomato cage upside down stake in ground, put ball on top secure with tape, drape sheet/cheesecloth over (repeat 5 times). Clip corner of fabric to neighboring "ghost's" fabric corner.

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