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Coffee Mug Painting Print from Original Watercolor Painting | Etsy

This is a fine art giclée print made from my original watercolor painting. PAPER OPTIONS (1) ARCTIC MATTE - A basic matte paper, with a smooth, flat surface. This paper is acid free. (Bright white / 230gsm) (2) SMOOTH FINE ART - A semi-smooth cotton paper, with a natural feeling surface. This paper is archival and 100% cotton. (White / 250gsm) (3) RIVER LINEN - A textured linen paper that feels and looks like woven canvas. This paper is archival and has a slight sheen to replicate canvas…

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"margeaux & gouda"

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Javier Mulio

Born in Alicante, Spain, Javier Mulio was brought up with the artistic community of Alcoy and this influence encouraged Mulio to take up painting at the age of fourteen.

June 2006

I'm going to post at least two paintings a week...minimum. Most will be 5"x 7" to keep things small, but like the first one...they will vary. I'll be including a link to Ebay to bid on these. Any that don't sell will be designated on this blog, and can be purchased for the minimum of $100.00

My Collection

sold This one doesn't have any wild color ... well, any wild color that wasn't actually THERE anyway. But I'm really happy with it anyway. I find that it doesn't come naturally to me to change the colors. It's not an instinct. I have to TRY to change them, and often I get to the end of a painting, having fully intended to experiment, and everything is the same. I'm pondering the implications.

Ох уж эта неукротимая акварель, разбираемся в сложностях на примере живописных работ подписчицы

Продолжаю разбирать работы подписчиков канала «Муки творчества».

Нет ничего прекраснее цветов... Художница Анастасия Беседина.

Автор - Matrioshka . Это цитата этого сообщения О цветах Нет ничего прекраснее цветов В садах, домах,на клумбах и аллеях. Они пришли из глубины веков, Чтоб сделать мир и чище, и светлее. В моем саду цветы - особый дар. В нем незабудки, синие, как море, Вблизи бархоток ярких, как пожар. Люблю их все…

Homework: Still Life Versions

Homework for class: Ink Drawing I started with simple, tiny, (2" X 4"), 02 Micron pen drawings (below) But afterwards, I couldn't resist making a color version. (above) I love the feel of the ink line, but one should not keep scribbling on one's little drawing because one will be left with: Only a black surface. So, I continued scratching & hatching on new versions. (Above): minimal line. I love it, but it takes restraint to not keep going. And, so it is in life. Learning to know when & how…

Galeries virtuelles aquarelles et acryliques

Galeries virtuelles Anne Larose, en images et par thèmes, les aquarelles et les acryliques


Showcasing past, current and future works of AlyZen Moonshadow mobile photography art and design. All images are captured and processed on the iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4

PBJ with Milk #2 7x7

Oil on hardboard panel. You can bid on this painting here.