Kat Weltz

Kat Weltz

Denmark / 22 - danish - introvert - gothic fashionista - cat lover - little monster
Kat Weltz
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A composite of various moon phases by EarthSky Why does the moon seem to change its shape every night?  Remember that the moon is a world in space - with a day side and a night side.

Moon composite from our friend Jacob Baker He wrote: "This is a composite of 8 separate photos taken over the past Summer showing some of the various phases. All shots taken with my Meade reflector telescope, and my Canon at prime focus.


Like I said, I'd like to fix my current tattoo and get a detailed moon phase going down my spine before the handfasting.

want to incorporate bats and owls in a tattoo i want on my back!!!

Gothic tattoos are terribly numerous and completely different from the regular tattoos. Here we present the collection of Amazing Gothic Tattoo Designs