What a good hair day for Pasta! Packaging Designer: Nikita (Russia)…

Good Hair Day Pasta (Concept)

21st century mix tape  Too cool!!

Posavasos Vinilo (x4)

USB Mix Tape - Cool as. I always loved making mixed tapes and then CDs. Now, a USB mix tape ain't a bad idea either.

Wine  Spirits Labels (Portfolio One) by Jeff Hester, via Behance

✖✖✖ Wine & Spirits Labels by Jeff Hester ✖✖✖ This is a very innovative wine label solution.The cut out and asymmetry take this design to another level.

Great #packaging

Molly's Milk Truck

PACKAGING Inspired by food advertisements of the our vision for Molly's Milk Truck was clean, vintage design. Everything from the coffee cups to the truck itself had to resonate with a time where poodle skirts and milkshakes reigned supreme.

by 'Thirdperson' | winter soups

Beautiful and Expressive Packaging Design

Winter Collection packaging: Special winter soups with promotional heat resistant cardboard sleeves that slotted onto the existing cups. Lovely for the reusable purpose. - This texture adds a personal touch and a cosy feel to the product

Pra quem vive ligado no mundo do Design sabe que as cores tem seu significado, e são escolhidas especialmente para atingir os objetivos de uma marca. O azul é uma ótima cor para envolver as pessoas, dando a sensação de aconchego e facilitando a compenetração em temas, como vemos nessa embalagem.

Aqua Metal Pen with Blue Ink - Cool Office Supplies