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This is pretty cool. I have some exposed pipes on my bathroom ceiling that I am thinking of painting like this (although maybe in red).

Seven Ways To Radiator Style Statements

Painting an old radiator ( & or pipes ) bright color makes it a piece of art. After painting the whole exposed ceiling in the basement one solid light color . Painting some of the pipes funky colors is going to be GREAT!

never stop learning

In all your learning get knowledge, understanding and wisdom--some study for a life-time and learn many things--but never come to the knowledge of TRUTH. such a waste of life and learning!

Papir og idé

In Print

a cup of tea, a book and a great imagination can always take you away

casette tape

Made it Monday: Modern-Day Mixtape Edition with Guest Contributor Jess Besack A little preamble: I love making mixtapes. As a kid I sat in my room for hours, waiting for that Method Man/Redman joint.


Despite all this confusion beauty begs to be found. // in Depthcore - Her Despite all this confusion


a look at shanghai-based illustrator MOJO’s dazzling collage work


We can't state strongly enough how much we're loving the return of influenced colors and patterns to motocross gear and bikes.

paper effect

Viagem ao Centro da Terra (Journey to the Center of the Earth) [Brazilian edition] Jules Verne design by Carlo Giovani