Tan Leather Lounge Chairs

10 BEST: Tan leather lounge chairs

10 BEST: Tan leather lounge chairs Still unsure about the butterfly chair, but the idea of a petite leather side chair is a cool one!

Modern hand crafted furniture by Alice Tacheny

Modern hand crafted furniture by Alice Tacheny

Iolo : Studio Jenk

DIY Inspiration - I like an idea similar to this for a DVD shelf. Can't find a DVD rack big enough for all of my movies, so I guess I'll have to just build one myself.

Up-Chair by Tonon

I liked the interesting combination of materials in this chair. Beautiful shape to the wooden arm sections. Trestle-based Freeform advanced easy chair UP CHAIR

leibal.com hamper sofa

Hamper Sofa

SOFA: Hamper by Arturo Montanelli and Ezio Riva. Visible frame consists of fourteen solid wood slats in a parallel formation, resembling the shape of a hamper. This structure holds the upholstered seat, back and arms.


Assymetric shapes always have a nice feel. This bench by George Nakashima has withstood time and trends. We can hardly believe it's a design from the late sixties.

Moustache Presents 'Favoris' at Paris Design Week 2015 | http://www.yellowtrace.com.au/moustache-favoris-paris-design-week-2015/

Moustache presents 'Favoris' at Paris Design Week 2015.

Table Basse Bleue by Pool Moustache Presents 'Favoris' at Paris Design Week 2015

Masters Chair (inspired in the shapes of famous chairs by Arne Jacobsen, Charles Earnes and Eero Saarinen). By Philippe Starck, 2009.

philippe starck: masters chair for kartell

My dining room chairs! The Kartell Masters Chair is three designer chairs in one. If you look closely, you can see the silhouettes of the Series 7 by Jacobsen, the Tulip by Saarinen, and the Eiffel Chair by Eames


GEORG by Christina L. Halstrøm

coats and jackets over here, please, pinned by Ton van der Veer - printed wall give customers directions

AROUNDtheTREE is a proudly Portuguese brand, is an ambitious project of a team who believe in the values of cultural and Portuguese traditions giving them a new interpretation through the design of unique pieces. The main legacy is the family connection of this team to one of the greatest icons of Portuguese design of the 50’s, the chair from Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos, which still remains the main image in Portuguese emblematic outdoor spaces.

AROUNDtheTREE NaturalDesign is a Portuguese Furniture Design Brand, exclusive and hand crafted , that inhales inspiration from nature to create design models, with a strong heritage from the portuguese cork and wood.