NYC. Stone street for dinner

Here is a place I haven't been.but would love to cross off my list. Stone street for dinner. One of my top five favorite streets in Manhattan, New York City.

Gent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium is a beautiful city off the more "touristy" beaten path. Beautiful architecture and excellent dining.Ghent is one of those places in Europe you'll never forget.

Can you live a dream??? Yes I can. I am going to get to NYC one day. Have travelled the world but never made it there. I believe good things come to those whom wait. That will be another dream...Maybe even do a Marathon there...Possibilities are endless.

A city of dreams. A city that makes dreams a reality. A city I will one day call home.

NYC. True character

Pre-war apartment buildings in Greenwich Village, New York City. One of these would be lovely.

~~The beginning | Edinburgh Clock Tower, Scotland by Marco Bocelli~~

Edinburgh, a darkly beautiful city we loved visiting: Clock tower of the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland

~~Amsterdam ~ colorful nighttime cityscape, Holanda Canal, Holland by Juan Pablo de Miguel~~

Amazing Reflection, Amsterdam Netherlands - Really beautiful, did not see Amsterdam like this - Love the bright colors!

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