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Ride the waves of emotion, #DBT Art Journal by Michelle Morgan  #Mindfulness of emotion

DBT DIARY- MINDFULNESS OF CURRENT EMOTION Mindfulness of current emotion comes from emotional regulation, the same module of skills as P.E and Build Mastery. When emotions are overwhelming, it can feel like a wave crashing over us, Leaving us.

.Grief visual #grief

Grief needs to be validated and given time to be worked through. A loss of any kind (not just physical death of someone) brings grief. Acknowledging the loss, ironically, starts the healing process.

grief ball - Google Search

Psych Rehab - Mental Health Awareness - Understanding Emotions - Ball of grief - tangling of emotions. Allowing them, understanding them, respecting them is all part of the healing process & the "Grief Cycle"

Understanding that grief is comprised not only by the devistating loss of a loved one, but also of the many secondary losses that are a result of the death.

Secondary Loss -- one loss isn't enough? < loss can impact many areas of one’s life, creating multiple losses from that “primary loss”.loss of concrete things.Loss of financial security.Another type of loss.a loss of identity.