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At 74-years-old, Shepherd is a personal trainer, professional model, and bodybuilding diva that inspires her senior peers and women half her age to get fit. NOW 77y.o.

Age is no excuse. "Ernestine Shepherd 74 Years Young -source This is the ultimate inspiration. This is what I’m working towards til the day I’m 74 and beyond :)" Inspiration to get Fit & Stay Fit ;

Single Leg Bench Squat---excellent way to get lower during a single leg exercise. Much harder to balance, but a great way to tone the lower body. www.facebook.com/fitivity

Tired of squatting yourself to death? Try these 9 new, MUST DO squat variations to switch up your workouts, torch FAT, build lean muscle definition, and build strong ABS.>>> Jamie Eason is fucking GORGEOUS!