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Ravelry: Nearly Chanel pattern by von Hinterm Stein

ERRATA: please note: when working the short rows for front neckline it is meant to SHORTEN the rows by sts, then for all sizes every then then 1 st …

Ravelry: 3reddogs' Arboreal

Ravelry: 3reddogs' Arboreal

Vi har tidligere nævnt, hvor vilde vi er med skydedøre. Se mere i indlægget 20 fantastiske skydedøre. En skydedør giver dig nemlig...

modern home decor -- we would LOVE a wood sliding door. Sliding doors like these ones can really save space in rooms. These are some of the coolest sliding doors we've ever seen - they even added a coat hook!

The power of hand spinning plus subtle color changes! -mc

A raanu is a weft-faced Finnish Lapp weaving. Raanu are used as the covering of a goahti (teepee like structure) or for warmth as bedcovers in the Arctic climate.

krokbrogd warp and weft | Weavolution

krokbrogd warp and weft - Visit Weavolution to discuss krokbrogd warp and weft. Learn weaving from Weaving Teachers.