Julie Kristiansen

Julie Kristiansen

Julie Kristiansen
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I am wayyyyyyy to scared of multi colour to do this however.........  loads of a neutral colour buttons and IM IN!!!!!!

Cheap lampshade + random buttons + glue = quirky and unique hand crafted light adornment wonder. Brighten up your room with this button shade! Take some buttons (square, circle, big, small) and glue them onto the lampshade to create a POP in the room.

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Scrap Metal Art - Ordinary plumbing parts—pipes, fittings, and faucets—come together to make robot table lamps full of personality and charm. Turn one on and you suddenly don’t feel so alone in the room. Haha Yosef would love this ;

Table Lamp - Lighting - Upcycled Lamp -Vintage Rotary Telephone - Industrial Lamp

I like the look of this old vintage phone, sadly I can't try it myself. Maybe I can get such a vintage phone on a fleemarket someday :)

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Desk Lamp Terrarium / Display Table Lamp Wish List: Desk Lighting Farmhouse Lamp Everything looks better in rose gold,