Julie Hochreuter

Julie Hochreuter

Julie Hochreuter
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with horses YES!

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. This so was my favorite place to dream on my favorite horse Ambie. Looked so much like this pic.

Horse quote.

This would make a good bumper sticker, t-shirt.or maybe we should just walk around with this sign on our back or forehead.

Horse Photography Equestrian Barn by ShadetreePhotography on Etsy, $25.00

Horse Photography Equestrian Barn Inspirational Quote Chestnut Cream Rustic Farmhouse Decor Country Brown, 8 x 12 Fine Art Print So true

hehe, just right after riding.

I used do this all the time :) when i would do it to my brothers they would glare at me and say "im not a horse you know" Horse Quote Edits - Smokey Hallow Stables


Equestrians: Seriously Walking the line between insanity and bravery. A complete team two hearts as one. so true!