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Tim Howard's Shutout Workout for goalies!

Soccer Goalkeeper Tim Howard's Shutout Workout for soccer goalies! Tim recommends jumping exercises, lifting and strengthening your core.

Omg yes!So true!

like girl please I gotta run ther and manage to throw it. last time I check I can't do that in 2 inches! " uh scuse me but are u asking for me to fail my throw?


One time this short kid kept messing with my team and doing fouls left and RIGT do one of our teammates pushed him down and he got fouled when that shirt kid was doing fouls left and right :) (Basketball Problems)

volleyball humor/ elf/ Christmas

OML that's actually funny because my entire volleyball team agrees that this one ref looked exactly like buddy the elf. like he even wore the same color clothing

Alex Morgan

In my opinion, anyone but ALEX MORGAN should be on the FIFA 16 cover. It should be Carly Lloyd. Alex Morgan has done absolutely nothing in the WWC Hahahahhaha EA is top banter.