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Varenna, Lake Como. Photo by Enzo Romano.

Photo by Enzo Romano.

Climb the Pitons - Top 10 things to do in St Lucia

The Jalousie Plantation, located on the quiet southwest coast of St. Lucia just 5 miles from the historic town of Soufriere, has completed a three-year, multi-million dollar transformation and is m…

George Clooney's ultra-luxe Italian mansion.  I don't mind if George sticks around when I move in.

This ultra-luxe Italian mansion is situated on Lake Como and is a place for George Clooney and his friends to "unwind". Why yes, we believe we could unwind here.

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Lake Como (Lago di Como in Italian, also known as Lario, after the Latin name of the lake; Lach de Comm in Lombard; Latin: Larius Lacus) is a lake of glacial origin in Lombardy, Italy.