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Love this idea: Instead of having ugly bright colored chiffon dresses and white flowers, do cocktail length neutral dress with gorgeous beading and details that they can wear again. Also succulent bouquets with bright, spring colors as my accent.

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Botox Tutorial and related information, provided by Dr. Lam of the Lam Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, TX

REMOVE THE WRINKLES FROM YOUR SUMMER PLAN!  Botox - the name speaks for itself Juvederm - injectable gell fillers to reduce wrinkles that can last up to a year. Restylane - adds volume and filler that can last up to 18 months to define and plump lips and area around the mouth Perlane - is wonderful for filling deep laugh lines, and is similar to Restylane.   Radiesse - works immediately and stimulates your skin's natural collagen to improve appearance over time.

Beautologie in Bakersfield offers dermal injection fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Bellafill. The fillers can smooth out the skin on your face and make you look years younger.