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The Art : Illustrating the Elements. Beautiful line art, doodle art, pen art. Great kids art project/inspiration by Nikki Farquharson.

Fifteen Ways to Give POSITIVE ClassDojo Points

All Things Upper Elementary: Fifteen Ways to Give Positive ClassDojo Points: Guest Poster, Flapjack Education Resources --- hate classdogo. its pointless (pun!

Foldebog om sammensatte ord - 3.kl værkstedsarbejde

Foldebog om sammensatte ord - værkstedsarbejde

grafiske tegninger

Made by Me: Video af mine grafiske tegninger

How Does David Feel?  A Pragmatic Language Activity

This product consists of two pages of emotion/physical state cards cards total). Use these cards to teach emotions/feelings/physical states. Ask students to brainstorm scenarios that would cause them to experience the emotions. Multi-Colored Reading Beach Balls, 10" Diameter (CDPCD1050) Category: Educational Games: Toys & Games

Comprehension: A beach ball is used for this kinesthetic activity.Each segment of the beach ball has a question about the details in the story read. Pinned by MPM School Supplies

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