lemongrass tones

My plates are the color of the bottom green so somehow I'd love to make them a focal point of a beautiful and peaceful kitchen color scheme. I think this one's interior design ideas

lily tints

Color Wander

Maybe for downstairs toilet - lily tints. R kitchen and LV. Table and cabinets in the greys, bay window and fireplace wall in the green and the rest in the white.

more tin tones

more tin tones.we just started painting our living room a very light shade that would fit this swatch. We need to think about a darker accent wall color. Val the last purple color where it says seeds on it

winter brights

Living Room Tan living room with these accents, emphasis on the last two plus brown winter brights


Ranunculus is my favorite flower. I just love it. If I could do my wedding over, it would be filled with ranunculus!

Love these combinations

Just 10 things. I would really like a yellow front door. Our siding is gray and yellow would look fabulous. I'd prefer the lighter yellow rather than the gold.

color logged

Color Logged

the gray/silver-rose/light mustard is the kind of lighter pallet I'm into. maybe take some colors from this pallet. the yellow is in my kitchen and dining room and the top color is in Logan's room.


A room with these combinations of colors will look extremely lovely and youthful. The pinks bring the fun and young side, the peppermint and mint green bring the calm peaceful side and the yellow brings the two colors to be balanced.