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A beautiful advertising image before the world went into overdrive and we all were called racists if we said negro kiss or negro heads. So here is a nigger kiss to all by gundorph

Dane she West Indies political poster - Valgplakat 1916 - Election Poster from 1916

Dansk Vestindien blev solgt for 25 mio. dollars - Valgplakat 1916 - Election Poster from 1916

May I say...  I love the little duckling who has fallen so far behind!

This is so true, we would stop for a duck and it's ducklings any time. So Danish. Wonderful Copenhagen print via Danish Art and Christmas Shop

Sikker Hansen-plakater - Danmarks populæreste antikvitet

Tobak plakat lamineret og indrammet i enkel sort ramme.


Wonderful Copenhagen - Vintage Denmark Travel Printable Poster - Note from Christina: I JUST LOVE THIS ONE, cool to see something from my own country.