Jeppe Villadsen

Jeppe Villadsen

Jeppe Villadsen
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Beautiful floor.  I think this color is close to Benjamin Moore Everglades 641

I'm kind of liking the aqua floor! Love the oven./ Very powerful and robusts elements: all of them. Ceiling lamp, kitchen and floor. The 'aqua floor', discreetly, is pointing that.

coffee shop

What a wonderful job this place did creating the space for their coffee shop. I would love to sit down and enjoy a cup of joe here. I love the front of the bar pretty sure its old cabinet doors!

Make a few of these from found/reused materials and decorate them as "FEST-ive Fun" boards. We can then let fest goers add pictures, signs, art, etc. with a roll of duct tape that we have hidden/tied under the sign frame. For each sign we'd need a hinge or two, a roll of duct tape, and some "festive fun" heading graphics or handpainted ones

Cool signage idea for yard signs, we could have a shelf towards the bottom where we could switch out details.

Materializando a loja...Pra mim seria assim a fachada do solovivo! Acabamentos em madeira com referencia aos caixotes de feira... Simple as that :)

Backlight this laser-cut logo for signage clarity in the evening. Brandon Agency was posed with a challenge: Design an innovative fast food restaurant of the future, complete from its corporate identity to its interior.


womaninthewoods: “juliterr: “findmomo: “Find Momo at Hansa Coffee. Take a short drive north to Winnetka and join us at The Book Stall at Chestnut Court at We’ll be hanging out there.