Spokane wedding location, Trezzi Farms


fill a jar with dried lavender buds (or coffee beans) and nestle an unscented candle in its own holder in the center. The heat from the burning candle will warm up the lavender (or coffee beans) and make your entire room smell delicious. I love lavender !

<3  lavender

Vintage French Book Cone with Dried French Lavender and Hydrangea

Vintage French Book Cone with Dried French Lavender and dried blue hydrangea so pretty especially to the creamy shutter background!


I'd definitely give the bridesmaids simple lavender bouquets for a purple wedding. Beautiful and fragrant!


University of Virginia Wedding from Jen Fariello Photography

lavender bouquets - masses of one flower are always chic - and cost effective. That's Smart. and Smashing! - maybe lavender in the bouquet


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