chicken coop?

The Coop

chicken coop, from The Art of Doing Stuff. fanciest chicken coop i've ever seen. some day when i have a house i'd like to have chickens like we had growing up. a girl can dream. might want to work on that house thing first.


Baby Chicks they're so cute! i live by a pond and every spring there are always baby chicks running around

chicken coop

The Coop

the fanciest, prettiest chicken coup i have ever seen on The Art of Doing Stuff. Don't laugh, but I seriously would love to have chickens one day.

chicken roosts designs

chicken roosts designs - Bing Images I like the bins below the roosts for ease of cleaning but I prefer staggered roosts.


That means "Good morning" in rooster. I have owned four roosters in my lifetime, they were: Elvis, Banty, Turkey Lurkey, and Big Red.

chicken coop

Garden Coop Building Plans (up to 8 chickens)

Winter coop with expanded yard. Great for letting in as much sun as possible in the winter."Garden Coop" Building Plans (up to 8 chickens) from My Pet Chicken


We have a bantam rooster like this (multi-colored one). He rules over all the chickens and one big Ameraucana rooster. Funny watching him chase that big ol' rooster.