Everyone knows--this is me at Christmas.

Christmas Cupcakes

Cute Reindeer Cakes ours are fruit christmas cakes.We made these at brownies to sell at the christmas fair, the girls made an excellent job of them. They decorated 24 in total.

Cute Food For Kids?: 41 Cutest and Most Creative Christmas Cupcakes

Reindeer cupcake - chocolate frosted, pretzels, Nilla wafer for face, white M&Ms; for eyes with black frosting for eyeballs, red peanut butter M&M; SO CUTE!

Tarta de queso con cerezas confitadas y manzana Confesiones que necesito compartir

Suddenly You're at the Beach Cookie Crumb Sand, Candy Seashells, Food Color Swirls Waves or Food Color Spray, All on a Smoothed Buttercream Base (summer snacks beach)