Watermelon Sea Turtle...this is AWESOME

Watermelon Sea Turtle fruit bowl--great for aquarium birthday party

Art Of Food Presentation | Dazzling presentation for insalata caprese. | Food art

Bugs life Ladybug Caprese Bites via fabfoodist: Cherry Tomatoes + Black Olives + Basil + Mozzarella + Reduced Balsamic Vinegar (Make dots with toothpicks)

Pølsehorn er et hit i alle aldre og til alle lejligheder De sjove og kreative pølsehorn i denne artikel, er både sjove for dine børn at være med til at lave, og helt perfekte til børnefødselsdagen eller dele ud i…

Piggy Biscuit (picture only) - looks like dinner rolls with hot dogs, covered with an egg or milk wash so they bake with a sheen and the ears stay on.

Kiwi Bear - Food Art

Kiwi Bear ♥ ♥ ♥ Okay.I know this isn't really a recipe.but the Koala bear out of kiwi was just so stinking cute!

Incredibly Cute Teddy Bear Biscuits | DIY Tag

Well now I need a teddy bear cookie cutter. Incredibly Cute Teddy-Bear Cookie Recipe You Won’t be Able to Resist

Fun Food: Pineapple Parrot

Pineapple Bird / Parrot Food Carving - Great Idea for a Tropical theme baby shower or party

food art

Fruit -Vegetable Carving, Fruits and vegetables decoration, Salad decoration

awesome sheep, fun food

Vegetable Lamb - cute table decoration on a veggie tray.I think it's a potato with cauliflower stuck to it; maybe with toothpicks, and cucumber legs or zucchini?

Food Art amyjayne10

Food Art is a talent that many people enjoy. Creating beautiful and unbelievable models (animal, Bird, Statue, Face etc) with food is called food art. Sit back and just enjoy the creativity.

#food fun

Have fun with veggies to inspire your KIDS to eat them. Remember that veggies are the BEST foods for brain, cell and overall health.

Adorable little walnut cookies dipped in dark chocolate. Package them in a tin box for the perfect holiday gift.

Walnut mushroom cookies

A recipe for mushroom cookies, they're chocolaty, crunchy and have a moist nutty center. They are adorable and will liven up any dinner party table. (Christmas Recipes For Parties)

fun kid food

Strawberry shortcake snake: Feed this to your kids three times and they'll never eat plain strawberries again! Or veggies.

Fun food animals fun-food

My kids love this book, Play with Food. We have a poodle too.