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But those Temari (Kusudama). Kids Origami, Origami Ball, Origami Paper Art, Diy Paper, Gato Origami, Crafts To Make, Diy Crafts, Origami Bookmark, Modular Origami
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Тем Тем Темари (кусудама). МК

Эта кусудама называется Тем Тем Темари. Наверное , потому , что очень похожа на эти вышитые шары. Состоит из 24 деталей.

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Paper cup lantern DIY - best out of waste project - EzyCraft Diwali Diy, Diwali Craft, Paper Cup Crafts, Paper Cups, Paper Craft, Diwali Lantern, Chinese Paper Lanterns, Paper Lantern Making, Craft From Waste Material
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Paper cup lantern DIY - best out of waste project - EzyCraft

Paper cup lantern DIY - best out of waste project - EzyCraft - YouTube

6 Piece Hexagonal Coaster 2 by Francis Ow! Lots of beautiful variations! Origami Wall Art, Origami Quilt, Origami Envelope, Origami And Kirigami, Origami Ball, Origami Stars, Diy Origami, Origami Flowers, Origami Paper
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6-Piece Coaster#2 - Photo Diagrams

This is a very simple module created in 1994 at about the same time as an earlier module posted here - www.flickr.com/photos/61236172@N08/7771628216/in/photostr... There is a slight difference between this module and the earlier one and it is interesting to note that this module uses the same procedure in bringing out the pockets that Dirk Eisner employed for his various Cross Modules. Diagrams for the earlier module is posted here…

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Este tutorial fue creado con la autorización de Fermín Fernandez Mendez a quien agradezco infinitamente que haya compartido su diagrama conmigo. Estrella 3D ...

The lemon squeezer is harder than I thought it would be, but it's quite an interesting feat!

[Hello Malinda] Origami Tutorial: Lemon Squeezer Kusudama (Tomoko Fuse)|折纸教程:【哈喽玛琳达】柠檬花球(布施知子)

Lemon Squeezer Kusudama レモンしぼり (Tomoko Fuse)My Paper: MUJI Origami Folding PaperYou need 24 square pieces of paper.Comment down below "Hello Malinda + the or...

CP Sole infinito 3 - Infinity Sun 3 by Francesco Guarnieri Origami Paper Art, 3d Paper Crafts, Letter Folding, Paper Folding, Origami Patterns, Paper Architecture, Origami Envelope, Origami Ball, Paper Ornaments
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Sole infinito 3 - Infinity Sun 3

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Check out the webpage to learn more on Discovering Origami Origami Mouse, Origami Yoda, Origami Star Box, Origami Ball, Origami Dragon, Origami Fish, Origami Stars, Origami Flowers, Origami Modular
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Presente de Natal atrasado, ainda serve?

Oi pessoal, venho aqui me desculpar pela minha ausência, sei que não tenho sido muito presente aqui no blog, mas, dessa vez eu posso me...

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Versailles Kusudama Tutorial ベルサイユ(くす玉)の作り方

A tutorial video to show how to make a beautiful rose ball kusudama. 奇麗な花くす玉の作り方を組み方も含めて詳しく紹介しています。This specific designed by Krystyna Burczyk. If you like th...

Origami - Bolas e Anel (Balls & Ring) PHiZZ (Pentágono-Hexágono e Zig-Zag / Pentagon-Hexagon & Zig-Zag) - Thomas Hull (Tom) Origami Modular, Origami 3d, Origami Videos, Origami Ball, Origami Design, Origami Stars, Origami Paper, Diy Fan, Origami Instructions
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Origami - Bolas e Anel (Balls & Ring) PHiZZ (Pentágono-Hexágono e Zig-Zag / Pentagon-Hexagon & Zig-Zag) - Thomas Hull (Tom)

<== C80 e C60 ==> C80 ( 120 un. PHiZZ ) C60 ( 90 un. PHiZZ ) ...

Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Low Intermediate) This video demonstrates how to fold an Origami Bascetta Star designed by Paolo Bascetta. Origami 3d Star, Origami Car, Origami Yoda, Origami Dragon, Origami Fish, Modular Origami, Paper Crafts Origami, Origami Instructions, Origami Tutorial
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【Modular Origami】ふぇざすけA30枚組【ユニット折り紙】17

http://puyocolor.jimdo.com/臨時投稿です次回は8/14の投稿になりますユニット名:ふぇざすけA創作者 :puyocolorTwitter:@puyocolor ←未投稿創作作品がいっぱい作品作ってTwitterに投稿する場合は、是非リプで教えて下さい(見に行きます)※転載厳禁Twitte...

Цветы пассифлоры на зиг-заге - М.К.

НАПОСЛЕДОК СУХО ЯЗЫКОМ ЦИФР.КОЛИЧЕСТВО МОДУЛЕЙ В ОДНОМ ЦВЕТКЕ И РАЗМЕР БУМАГИ:СЕРЕДИНКАквадрат: 8,5 на 8,5 см или на 2 мм шире - 5 штук (Модуль с НЕЗАПРАВЛЕННЫМИ уголками) на фото он сиреневый. квадрат: 8,5 на 8,5 см - 5 штук (Модуль с ЗАПРАВЛЕННЫМИ уголками) на фото он сиреневый.

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前回の紫陽花の箱の蓋飾りが外れやすいので、外れない様にしてみました。 BGMはMusMus様よりお借りしております。

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Interesting PAPER FLOWER | Modular Origami | Tutorial DIY by ColorMania

The paper flower is an interesting modular origami. We need 8 paper sheets 15 x 6 cm. Without using glue or tape. The idea and design by Anastasia Prokuda. I...

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Intreccio - Interweaving

Istruzioni: Intreccio - Interweaving, decorazione modulare bicolore in origami, by Francesco Guarnieri