The Czech Republic - Prague: Medieval Magic by John & Tina Reid - Beautiful!

Harrods in London

It may be a cliché but few visitors can leave London without a trip to the world-famous Harrods. This grand department store built in is recognised for its over-the-top grandeur and luxury merchandise. Places to go in London - Harrods


Golden Lane - Prague My thoughts on Prague .I believe that Walt Disney got his inspirations from visiting Prague. It was a lovely and interesting city with twists and turns that made walking around an adventure! I loved Prague!

Karlstejn, Czech Republic.

Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic, was founded in and has a unique position among Czech castles. It was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures.


Street Lamps in the Fog: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

When the sun welcomes a new day in the romantique city of Prague, Czech Republic.

the sun welcomes a new day in the romantique city of Prague, Czech Republic.

Marmorkirken - The Marble Church, Copenhagen

Marmor Kirken (Frederiks Church) The Marble Church, Copenhagen

Trollhättan, Sweden

Trollhättan, Sweden


most beautiful place

Wow! The River #Liffey - which divides north and south Dublin - looking beautiful. #lovedublin

River Liffey and Dublin at night. Dublin is a lively city at night. Don't stay in the Temple Bar area hotels . unless you plan to party till . too noisy if you prefer to sleep in the evening.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark. Beautiful picture of one of my favoite places!

London, baby!

The actual name is London Tower Bridge. It's not called London Bridge. There is a separate normal looking London Bridge though, in the city down the river Thames (TAM-zzz).


Prague is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Sooo on my list for next year. natalie - are you coming?