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Jacob Thomassen

Jacob Thomassen
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The Escorial Beatus is a 10th century illuminated manuscript of the Commentary on the Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana”

lionofchaeronea: “Adam and Eve, tricked by the Serpent, realize their nakedness. From an illuminated Bible, ca. in the Real Biblioteca de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain.

Oh no!  The Beatus of Facundus (1047) | The Public Domain Review

From the Beatus of Facundus or Beatus de León. Painted by a man called Facundus for Ferdinand I and Queen Sancha. Illustrates the Commentary on the Apocolypse by Beatus de Liébana.

Monty Python Flying Circus Episodes | ... animation from the pilot episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus

The Graphic Design of Monty Python: as “The Reunion” approaches we look back at the influence of genius graphic designer and illustrator Terry Gilliam