Have a look at some of the awesome and creative DIY lamp projects that you can do it yourself to create one artistic lamp for your home.

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The Chandelier inspired by Hilden & Diaz That Can Turn Your Room Into A Forest, and now you can make it true with this amazing DIY Forest Tree Shadow Chandelier, with which you can enjoy the trees surrounding while lying in bed, sounds cool?

Suspended Lamp Made Out Of Recycled Graters Do-It-Yourself Ideas Lamps & Lights

Skate Chair, Window-Metal Table + More: Reclaimed and Sustainable Furniture by

Reclaimed Wreckage Unique Repurposed Accessories: New Cassette Tape Jewelry Boxes

Upcycled, easily recycled and sturdy cardboard is the base material for Nokka's furniture. Cardboard is one of those miracle materials that has recently been

Side table, serving tray and vase made from wine bottles. Great place to put bottles as you finish them during the party too.