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ITM Ideas Pinboard

Copenhagen, Denmark
ITM Ideas Pinboard
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The next wave in Personal Environment Monitors (PEM) allows you to measure your exposure in everyday life.

Lapka PEM is a tiny, beautifully designed personal environment monitor that connects to your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidde.

Home sensing

The CubeSensor measures factors within the office environment including temperature, vibrations, noise levels and even barometric pressure. The results can be used to help reduce Sick Office Syndrome.

QS for those in the Nike ecosystem

If you're in the market for a fitness tracker, but aren't wild about the idea of a cheap-looking piece of plastic adorning your wrist at all times, you're in luck. The first in its limited edition series of metallic colorways,.

environment and object scanner in one portable solution for experimentation

Occipital introduced the Structure Sensor, the world's first sensor for mobile devices that captures model of rooms, scan objects in play augmented

centralising digital money, while improving findability

Coin ‘This connected device (shaped and sized like a credit card) lets you scan all the cards you typically carry in your wallet, and then leave them at home’.

Human-Computer-Pet Interaction (HCIP)

Petcube is another innovative product seeking funding over at kickstarter. The little gadget allows you to watch, talk and play with your pet using your smartphone. In a way the device lets you stay closer to your pet when away from home, making your