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Added chicken sausage and mushroom. Browned sausage first than cooked onion, garlic and mushroom. After sauce was cooked, used immersion blender to help thicken sauce and only used 1/2 the cream cheese. Served with fresh parm on top.
Thai Curry Vegetable Soup is packed with vegetables, spicy Thai flavor, and creamy coconut milk.
An easy, light homemade granola with just 5 ingredients! |
This homemade granola recipe is so easy and makes the perfect base for any granola recipe! It's amazing on parfaits or even as cereal
I make a variation of this creamy pasta dish at least once a month. It is soy-free, oil-free, and dairy-free.
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Aspargessalat med edamamebønner, radiser og tomater
Hasselbach kartofler med rasp, der laves af små kartofler, som snittes på skrå. Kartoflerne pensles med smør, og drysses med rasp, salt og timian. Foto:
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