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I so want/need this if I have my own babies! New moms take a look at this adorable crochet Piglet Disney outfit for your new baby from KreativeKroshay. Whether you have a baby boy or baby girl, you will love these Disney baby outfits from Etsy.

1D at their finest!

The cowboy, the woman with the luscious locks, the man with the very evil monkey, the bingo playing wizard, and the man in the funny white suit. And I see KEVIN!


I love their stop bullying stuff, it's sweet of them cause of how many people get bullied for being Directioners and how much they get bullied now and even before they were famous. I love louis big smile 😘

.beautiful girl

This is a truly beautiful photo. This is a great example of how different textures can make a black and white photo stunningly vivid. For me, black and white is all about showing off contrast and texture, and this photo does an awesome job of that.