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Transform your home with unique window installations that bring natural light and beautiful views inside your house walls. Explore top ideas to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your living space.
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The discussion of some small high-up windows from Sunday’s post reminded me, ironically of one my favorite architectural features, Transom Windows. Brooks and Falotico I think that most of us know that these are windows which are usually separated by a thick piece of wood running horizontally. If you don’t know, this horizontal […]

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HÁM Interiors is known for its timeless yet fresh approach to design. Launched in 2011 by Nick, Pamela and Tom Cox, this family-run studio is dedicated to creating meticulously well-considered, comfortable and high-quality interiors to complement busy family lives. Here, we take a tour around Tom’s own London home…

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Choosing windows for a whole house at the same time is like choosing a wardrobe for an entire decade on a random day in March, except way more stressful because it’s not just for the day, year or decade—it’s FOR ...

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Have you been dreaming of black windows in your own home? What if I told you that you can have your black windows (interior and/or exterior) at the cost of a can of paint. Here's how we painted the windows in our home black and we LOVE THEM!

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