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Experience the charm of vintage road bikes and embark on a nostalgic journey. Find the perfect blend of style and performance with our top recommendations for road bike enthusiasts.
Introducing the Vanilla Classic Road Bike with Custom CycloRetro Engraved Shimano Dura Ace – the Vanilla Workshop | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Road Bike Cycling, Road Bikes, Classic Road Bike, Classic Bikes, Cyclocross Bike, Shimano Bike, Pink Bicycle, Urban Bicycle, Speed Bicycle

My normal yearly schedule usually includes a visit or two to Portland, Oregon, a mecca for bicycle framebuilders. Over the years, I've been a part of documenting the projects that come out of the Vanilla Workshop, so when a sweet project like this comes along, I like to elevate it to the Reportage section of the site. Sure, this bike isn't going to be for everyone, nor is it by any means accessible, but as cyclists, we should be able to appreciate beautiful pieces of craft and…

Sheenalyn Fontanilla