Plastic Bottle Flowers

Learn how to make beautiful and eco-friendly flowers using plastic bottles. Transform your waste into stunning decorations and bring a burst of color to your space.
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*Please note - these flowers are handmade to order, so there will be a degree of variation. Lead time is currently 5-7 days :-)* This is a limited edition Battenberg cake inspired mini bouquet, perfect for bright home decor or even a street party as table decoration! It also makes a quirky and unique gift, handmade from recycled littered plastic bottles (sanitized at home before being re-purposed!). Not only are these made from recycled/repurposed materials, but they are also fully…

Esther madariaga
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Flowers are seen as works of art, with Mother Nature being given credit as being the artist who created so many species of them. It is true; there is something so incredibly beautiful and inspiring about flowers that touches a part of our heart that most of us are not even aware exists. What is more, flowers also appeal to another of our senses due to the fragrance they emit in many cases. That is why; plastic flowers have gotten a bad press when it comes to them being used around the home…

Melissa Baumler

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