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Mori Girl

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What is Mori Kei

What is Mori kei Often described as a free-spirited person with a sense of peace surrounding her, looking like she lives somewhere in a fairy tale forest, far away from the bustle of big cities. A style for the forest dweller. It’s no surprise then that 森ガール uses the Japanese kanji for forest, and ガール meaning girl. Mori Kei was created around 2006 with Coco being the founder of the style. She wrote a book with 60 rules to qualify for being a Mori and published it on a social network called Mixi. At the time these rules were written Mori and Natural Kei wer still considered about the same style. Later however, they both moved their own way. Keep in mind though that these are loose guidelines one can go by. Even the original Mori didn’t follow them by the detail.After the publication of the Mixi 60 rules checklist Mori Girl quickly began to gain more recognition. It wasn’t until 2010 however that Mori was recognized as an official style. It can however be seen as more than just dressing the part, it’s a lifestyle. Mori girls are often free-spirited, nature lovers and laid back. They tend to not rush into things and do things as their own pace and time. They enjoy the simple things in life, such as reading a book while drinking a cup of tea, strolling through antique shops, gardening or photography. In general these Mori girls prefer a lot of quality time with themselves. Simply trying to find some peace in the hectic lives a lot of people live in.Key points of the fashion When a Mori Girl goes shopping she buys things that are both practical and comfortable. They shouldn’t be tight fitting. She doesn’t pay too much attention to how trendy it is or how it would make others view her. A typical Mori Girl would feel right at home during the autumn and winter seasons, because this style is all about layering. Loose and dreamy layers made from natural fabrics are key. Think about materials such as cotton, wool, crocheted and knitted things or pieces of fur. Layering is actually something that can be quite difficult to pull off, as people tend to overcomplicate things. The idea is to keep it simple. There is no point in just adding tons of layers if they aren’t visible or don’t add anything you the outfit. Dresses are usually the basic the start from, and can easily be matched with blouses and sweaters. Combining it with a skirt is also possible. Another tip is to layer a variety of skirts in different lengths on top of each other. Oversized cardigans or vest can be worn as an extra layer. Tights can further be layered with wool socks. ColoursThe goal is to look natural and earthy, colours that can easily be found back in the forest. Think about tones such as antique white, white, off-white, cream,  brown, mauve, gray and ivory. This doesn’t mean only beige colours are allowed however. Mustard, light blue as well as dark blue, light pink, bordeaux and shades of green can also be used. As long as it keeps that feeling of calmness around it. Pattern styles that include florals and nature are also quite common.MakeupSome Mori Girls wear some degree of makeup in a natural style, while others decide to wear none at all. Eyeshadow should be applied in earthy tones. Circle lenses are not often used. A bit of blush can be used for that natural outdoor look, but keep in mind not to overdo it. The point isn’t to look like a doll. Instead of lipstick a tinted lip balm is the better option for this style, as it gives a more natural touch. The nails are usually kept short and clean, for convenience reasons. Some prefer the use of light nail polishes such as pale pink or a pearl colour. When wearing perfume it shouldn’t have an overpowering scent, but instead a light floral one. HairstylesMori hairstyles can be worn in any way possible, but again it’s important to keep in mind to leave it natural. Wavy hair is considered a popular choice, but it can also be straight, braided or pinned up. Choco herself recommends a bob cut with straight bangs, or straight bangs with a long, loose perm. Brown is amongst the popular colour choices, followed by strawberry blond and black. Accessoires There is a large variety to what one can use for their hair. Ribbons, headbands, lace, knitted hat or earmuffs among them. But also think about using nature elements such as flowers pieces, flower crowns or berries. Large comfy scarfs and woolen gloves can be worn during the cold months. Jewellery is usually delicate and made out of gold. These can have a vintage theme, such as pocket watches for example. Mori Girls are fascinated with historical objects after all. Bags can be designed in the shape of animals and are usually made out of naturals materials as well . But large shoulder bags modified with lace or fur is also possible. What shoes to wear with Mori KeiFor Mori Girls the practical use is mostly kept in mind when choosing a pair of shoes. These are, like the rest of their outfit, often in earth tones and made of a natural materials. These can vary from hiking shoes to brown boots. Shopping advice To create an ideal Mori Girl look it’s a good idea to start browsing thrift and antique stores. A vintage look is preferred in this style after all. Handmade pieces to create a look is also a big thing in this fashion. When creativity isn’t your expertise stores such as Etsy or StoreEnvy are the perfect solution. Keywords such as Natural and Shabby Chique can give you some good results. Difference between Mori Girl and Natural Kei While they both are styles that pull inspiration from the forest, the best way to see the difference between the two is by the seeing it this way;Natural Kei is the girl who lives in a cottage near a forest. The key points in their clothing style are layers of ruffled skirts, flowery and prairie prints and the use of bold colour contrasts. Meanwhile Mori is the girl who actually lives in the forest. Their colour pattern is in general kept more simple. What I love the most about this style?While I wouldn’t say I identify myself as a Mori girl (I’m a city girl who is all about cutesy stuff) I can without a doubt appreciate the style and the sentiment behind it. I love the romantic feel that is created by the layering effect, colour scheme and use of fabrics. It looks like such a comfortable style to wear. So are you a Mori Girl or do you wanna be one?

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