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Maximize your productivity and streamline your workflow with these effective master schedule tips. Create a well-structured and efficient schedule to stay organized and on top of your tasks.
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Schedules! Yes I love schedules! I know most people are not that way, but for me I function so much better when I have something written down to tell me what I need to do and when. In our homeschool we thrive with schedules! Although I am not a strict, down to the minute scheduler, we do follow an outline for our days. You will notice the color codes for each child, we use this for most everything in our home. From notebooks to cups to pencil boxes, I try to stick to their colors. Plus it…

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We just finished building our master schedule. It is quite a process, and one that if completed conscientiously, can make a big difference as to how many students can really get the classes they want and need. Usually, this process is done with a month or so of school to go, so that schedule conflicts can be worked out. This year, due to budget issues - which led to staffing issues, we were put on hold. We have never built a schedule this late. We use a process that was developed by Pearson…

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Read "How to Build the Master Schedule in 10 Easy Steps A Guide for Secondary School Administrators" by Steven S. Kussin available from Rakuten Kobo. "All secondary schools—urban, suburban, or rural, large or small—should have this book on hand as they begin the schedul...

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I will warn you. This activity may lead you to question EVERYTHING in your life.I kept thinking, "Wait a minute. This is crazy. Something more must be delegated!"Or "Why do I blog at all? Should I drop the blog?""How clean does the house really need to be?" *chuckle*

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Are you planning to study for the MCAT, but don't know where to start? In this post, I'm sharing the MCAT content review calendar and study schedule that helped me score a 519 on the actual exam! Keep reading to download my calendar for FREE!

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