Explore the fascinating world of lies and discover the psychology behind deception. Learn how to spot lies and protect yourself from being deceived.
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Telling lies have come to the forefront with Brian Williams “misremembering” his helicopter experience. He forgot he wasn’t shot down. Whatever.. (Try running that one by your mom, Brian!) While we raise kids we are naturally concerned about their character. We want to raise kids to be honest, to have integrity, to give an accurate account of events. These things build trust in the parent- child relationship. We had a young woman living with us for about 9 months. She worked as a care giver…

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New research on why people who tell small lies graduate to big lies  : – sociopaths, psychopaths, antisocials, con artists, bigamists Gray Aesthetic, Black And White Aesthetic, Aesthetic Themes, Aesthetic Images, Aesthetic Grunge, Moving On Quotes, Neon Quotes, Grunge Quotes, Grunge Art

An article in the New York Times reviews new research on how the brain reacts to lies. Essentially, when someone continues to lie, 'the negative emotional signals initially associated with lying decrease as the brain becomes desensitized.' Why big liars often start out as small ones, on The story did not say that the research had anything to do with personality disorders. But it certainly makes sense with sociopaths — the more they lie, the easier it becomes, and they tell more…

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Norwegian visual artist Andreas Lie blurs the boundary between the beautiful wilderness of Norway and the people who call it home, creating subtle double exposure portraits. Inspired by the surroundings of his hometown Bergen, Norway, landscapes filled with water, snowy mountains, the Northern Lights, or the deep forests. These beautiful portraits generate a peaceful visual […]

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