Iced coffee protein shake recipe

Boost your energy with this delicious and refreshing iced coffee protein shake. Learn how to make this easy recipe and stay energized throughout the day.
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What could be better than a refreshing iced coffee that packs a 30g punch of protein + powerhouse collagen - without changing the taste? This Iced Protein Coffee is THM S, E, or FP or doesn't disappoint!

Jay Hope - Author
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Making a protein iced latte or protein iced coffee is really the simplest recipe on earth. The recipe isn't as important as just the idea on making a protein coffee as well as tips to make sure it tastes right.I wanted a healthy alternative to a mocha iced latte and this is it! I recently got an espresso machine and when I started making my own mochas I noticed just how much chocolate syrup was needed to make a mocha!Here I was getting my own espresso machine to avoid additional ingredients…

Tami Kellen