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In his installation, reverse of volume RG, Yasuaki Onishi uses the simplest materials — plastic sheeting and black hot glue — to create a monumental, mountainous form that appears to float inside of Rice University Art Gallery.

Yasuaki Onishi: what one artist can create using black hot glue, fishing line, and semi-transparent plastic sheets. The video is simple lovely and inspiring.


Earlier this week, we brought you the outstanding collaboration between French street artist JR and Chinese contemporary artist Liu Bolin, aka the Invisibl

Asuka Hishiki / Type B Metamorphosis

Asuka Hishiki / Type B Metamorphosis

Asuka Hishiki Fungus Caterpillars - http://greenasas.com/works/fungus-caterpillars/

Asuka Hishiki: Fungus Caterpillar H. Euphorbiae Fungus Caterpillar --- Early stage of growth 7 x 7 watercol.