Den runde Østerlars Kirke på Bornholm er den største og ældste af Danmarks syv rundkirker. Middelalderens rundkirker blev formentlig bygget med forbillede i rotunden i Gravkirken i Jerusalem.

"The round Østerlars Church is the largest and oldest of Denmark's seven round churches." Located in Bornholm, Denmark.

Smoked herring from Bornholm, Denmark.

Smoked herring from Bornholm, Denmark. In 1972 we went to Bornholm and ate herring warm and freshly smoked, it was wonderful!

This gate is at the start of a scenic walking trail around the cliffs of The Hammer, Bornholm Island, Denmark. Source: Go VisitDenmark

Isn't this a gate you just want to walk through? It's the start of the scenic…

Bornholm, Denmark

Biking in Denmark. Biking i s such a wonderful way of exploring, and with Denmark being as flat as a pancake - what we say in Norway at least - it's a brilliant country for curious people.

Opalsøen - Bornholm, Danmark

Opalsøen - Bornholm, Danmark