A very dapper men's corset vest.

Fall 2013 collection shoot at Salle Pianos. Beau Brummell corset by Dark Garden and hat by House of Nines. All rights reserved. by Dark Garden, via

Captain Edward von Arkham of the MHS Hysteria at the 2013 Watch City Festival

Gorgeous coat, good boots, nice embellishments, more men should wear this style! He looks more like a cheeky anti-hero. Photo and editing © 2010 - 2014 Babette Daniels. - The photography is great too!

Renaissance Goth girl

The strong sexual tempting Steampunk-Gothic-Cosplay girls arousing to sexual desire or imagination

adam ant

Adam Ant: Dandy in the Underworld Adam Ant, Set of ‘Solid Gold’, 1982 © Robert Matheu –

N i n a

Steampunk Beka with Raven Model : Natalia Filvarova - Photographer : Galia Jelnova

Steampunk Mechanic 1 by ~Kaliban-F on deviantART~ big wrench, maybe use PVC and foam?

This is my first work in steampunk style. Photo by azproduction [link] Steampunk Mechanic 1