crochet it


For some reason, when I see this crocheted doily covered tree, I picture a Monty Python-esc skit of a bunch of little old ladies, running & sneaking through the night.

all buses should look like this one!

These crochet decorated bus seats, is art installation by the Finnish artist, Vesanen Virpi Laukkanen. It’s called Lace Bus and is part of the OTTO shows, hosted by the Art Museum Vantaa, Fin…

Urban knitting.

45 Yarn Bomb Pictures To See The Creativeness Of Urban Knitting Trend

Urban Knitting (20)

A Knitted Wonderland art installation by Knitta Please founded by Magda Sayeg. 99 trees in the Blanton’s Faulkner Plaza in Austin, Texas were covered.

Urban Knitting

i think yarnbombing is a brilliant art form. this is where i post my work and share the work of others.