nurin kurin: Crocheted basket

nurin kurin: Crocheted basket inspiration_ working around clear plastic tubing

lovely crotchet baby shoes

lovely crotchet baby shoes - McGovern when are you gonna have a baby? I wanna make mustache booties.

How to make crochet ball

how to make crocheted balls around a wooden bead

adorable amigurumi baby chick crochet pattern. free. in dutch only (for now) but google english translation looks okay... easter. egg. chicken.

Grietjekarwietje: Haakpatroon: Kuikentje in ei op pootjes. Not sure what this says, but that is one cute chick!

Crocheted Stool Covers 2 patterns

Crocheted Flower Medallion Stool Cover Pattern

podkins: Crocheted Flower Medallion Stool Cover Pattern over at Creative Jewish Mom

Free pattern!

free crochet bag pattern made from colorful squares. So pretty!


Tutorial for making really cute yarn amigurumi creations

Wristwarmers with contrasting rib pattern by Anna Wilkinson (so much nicer made in the round)

Ravelry: Wristwarmers with Contrast Rib pattern by Anna Wilkinson Pattern is published in a book; I am pinning for color inspiration.

Pincushion pears

Pincushion pears - really must make some more of these (these aren't mine but look very similar to the one I made! - DIY and Crafts

free crochet sock pattern

motleymakery: DIY Rainbow Slipper Socks: Nice Crochet Tutorial from Oomanoot. motleymakery: DIY Rainbow Slipper Socks: Nice Crochet Tutorial from Oomanoot.

I'm in ♥

DIY Sweater Makeover - Duplicate Stitch Heart Elbow Patches Tutorial by one sheepish girl

"Crochet amigurumi smiley faces  full set  crochet balls by zolayka, $ 66.00" #Amigurumi  #crochet

Amigurumi toys emoticons crochet emoji smileys funny winky faces crochet emotags, eco friendly crochet toy smiley faces 9 emotions in a box

Crochet amigurumi smiley faces - pick 3 of your choice - crochet balls, crochet toy

This is called hand knitting, using your arms as the needles.  I just love how it looks but I think you need to win the lottery to buy the yarn for such things.

this looks like it would make an amazingly comfy blanket. I know what everyone is getting for xmas this year! Craft and DIY Projects and Tutorials

fabric strip star. . . you don't actually have to sew anything. great gift idea!

No-sew fabric strip star - great pics - would make a lovely ornament or gift topper Not in English, but pictures make it easy to understand!

kip knutselen met kleuters

I love this little chicken card!this would be a cute project to go with the "Little Red Hen" book. and maybe even use a paper plate to make it. Writing Prompt: "I would or would not help the Little Red Hen because.