Anna Heltborg Samuelsen

Anna Heltborg Samuelsen

Anna Heltborg Samuelsen
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How to Build a LEGO Foosball Game

Build a LEGO foosball game that really works! This is a fun LEGO project for all ages. We used a marble for the ball, and it works well. Those little blue LEGO balls that come with Ninjago sets work well too. Players score by hitting the ball into their g

Seashell Christmas Ornament Wreath REAL Shell Tropical Beach Doll House Nautical

We do our best to pick out the best shells to send to you. Each seashell and starfish is unique! Pretty Small Wreath Christmas Ornament made with many tiny shells and off white ribbon.

Creative Family Fun: Cardboard Tube Bear

Create a zoo and fill it with this simple cardboard tube bear craft. It's a simple and fun kids craft that makes use of recycled materials.