Vilhelm Lundstrom

Vilhelm Lundstrøm Copenhagen – was one of Denmark’s most successful modernist painters. He introduced French cubism to Denmark.

I love this portrait; this apartment therapy post has me curious to see more work by Vilhelm Lundstrøm.

Where To Find A Print Of Vilhelm Lundstrøm Artwork?

Danish designer Finn Juhl's home, with his Poeten sofa and Chieftains chair. Painting by Vilhelm Lundstrøm.

VIlhelm Lundstrøm Portrait of the artists sister Anny Nissen (Pharyah)

Vilhelm Lundstrøm Danish), Portrait of Anny Nissen, Artist's Sister, Canica Art Collection, Oslo.

Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Portræt af Tusnelda Sanders, 1928, olie på lærred

Kunstnere - Vilhelm Lundstrøm Statens Museum for Kunst

Wilhelm Lundstrøm

"A modernist painter, it was he who introduced French Cubism to Denmark. He spent an extended period in France in the where he was influenced by Braque, Picasso and Cezanne.