Mason Jars with epsom salt at the bottom and tea lights

Outdoor Holiday Candles A winter wonderland doesn't have to call for a lavish display. Create a snowy look by filling mason jars with Epsom salt and adding votive candles. Line a walkway or mantle with the jars for a special holiday glow.

The combination of #candles + #stringlights look elegant on the #table @DinnerByDesign

string lights as part of your table setting. parties and entertaining decor. diy ideas and inspiration.

gkkreativ: Herbstdekoration

Decoration for Fall Make your own music and candles

Thanksgiving decor you can put together in less than 30 minutes!

All the Thanksgiving Decor You Can DIY in Under 30 Minutes

Easy centerpiece to make with water, branches and floating candles!

10 Ways to Lighten your Hair Naturally {Homemade Recipes

Dollar store vases, branches, water, and floating candles. Add fake holly branches and red candles for the holidays.

Det er utrolig mye fint du kan lage av gjenbruksglass. Disse lyktene til telys er perfekte for koselige høst- og vinterkvelder. Hvorfor ikke lage noen ekstra, og gi bort dem bort som gave?

DIY Yarn Wrapped Painted Jar Lanterns Use yarn to wrap around glass jars. Paint over the jars and then peel off the yarn to create some stunning patterns. Add a candle/portable light.

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