cardboard doll house with magazine pictures

This is why I keep all my magazines! I remember using magazines multiple times for school projects! But this-Really cool idea - cardboard doll house with magazine pictures. Could do with a firehouse/something more boyish, too. >>> Gorgeous Little Things

the dear ones. made for little hands and big hearts. handmade from vintage fabrics and wool stuffing with a hand embroidered face. bear is a calm, patient secret keeper, and he always knows where to find the stickiest and sweetest honey.

loie blanche

Allow this adorable goose from loie blanche to serve as inspiration, no pattern…

What a good pile

//love these simple scandinavian ,zakka style plush toys easy to do with painted illustration like faces and bodies very primitive shapes and love the specs

Evangelione handmade dolls

Ring around to rosy with a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

Mademoiselle Dimanche

Mademoiselle Dimanche - C'est Dimanche, patrons femme et enfant - sewing patterns for women and children

Břichopas about toys: Dita Rakouská - jointed limbs beatnik style characters?

Czech artist Dita Rakouská sews dolls not-dolls , mysterious creatures from another planet. Dita Rakouská absolvovala VŠUP v Praz.

Cute lion soft toy by Jipi Jipi

Lion Heart 103 Lion Plush Soft Toy stuffed Doll by jipijipi

Wooden Penguin

Depression Era Wooden Penguin Ramp Walker (we had about a dozen of these - what fun to get them ready - like dominoes - to walk down a 'ramp'