cardboard doll house with magazine pictures

This is why I keep all my magazines! I remember using magazines multiple times for school projects! But this-Really cool idea - cardboard doll house with magazine pictures. Could do with a firehouse/something more boyish, too. >>> Gorgeous Little Things

the dear ones made for little hands and big hearts - october 2013 - sweet soft toys with a fresh handmade look

polar bear

Ours en Peluche // Teddy Bear // Yoo Moo - Japanese felting artist -

What a good pile

Zara mini but could easily make a set of rustic woodland creatures.

Evangelione handmade dolls

Ring around to rosy with a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

Mademoiselle Dimanche

Mademoiselle Dimanche - C'est Dimanche, patrons femme et enfant - sewing patterns for women and children

Břichopas about toys: Dita Rakouská - jointed limbs beatnik style characters?

Czech artist Dita Rakouská sews dolls not-dolls , mysterious creatures from another planet. Dita Rakouská absolvovala VŠUP v Praz.

Wooden Penguin

Depression Era Wooden Penguin Ramp Walker (we had about a dozen of these - what fun to get them ready - like dominoes - to walk down a 'ramp'